Cluttered Home Solution: 7 Ways to Make Good Use of a Storage Unit

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Do you feel like clutter is starting to take over your home? Does your house feel suffocating now that it seems you don’t have enough space? Then, it’s about time yourent on-site storage to help you declutter and free up much-needed space.

Compared to renting an extra room or renovating your house, getting a storage unit is a more economical alternative. Moreover, it helps secure your assets and belongings in a protected environment.

Whether short-term or long-term, you can store almost anything inside a storage unit. Here are some possible scenarios on how you can make good use of it to guarantee that you get what you pay for.

  1. Storage when selling a property

If you’re planning to sell your home, a cluttered look will give a bad impression to potential buyers. Having too many things in a property you plan to sell will make it appear small and keep buyers away. Place all unnecessary items inside a storage unit so that you can give your house a spacious look, making it more appealing to prospective buyers.

  1. Storage for vehicles

Do you have a boat, car, trailer, or RV that you don’t use often? Don’t allow your garage to get overcrowded and store your extra vehicles in a storage unit. This will open up a huge amount of space at home, and stop neighbors from complaining about your vehicles taking up all the street parking.

  1. Storage for wine

It is no secret that the quality of wine improves the longer it is kept. However, heat, light, and humidity can strip flavor and life from the wine. Believe it or not, there are storage services that offer facilities for personal wine collections. With a climate-controlled storage unit, you get to have space where you can keep your wine collection without worrying that it would lose its flavor.

  1. Storage when often in transit

Are you a frequent traveler? A storage unit will safeguard all your precious belongings while you’re on vacation or a business trip. So even if you are subletting your place temporarily, or a friend or family member is house-sitting for you, you can hie off elsewhere without having to worry about important personal items being left behind and going missing or getting damaged.

You can also negotiate your storage rental contract for whatever length of time that is most convenient for the duration of your travel.

  1. Storage for business inventory

If you’re running a small business and often end up filling up your home with your business stock, keep them in a storage unit instead. Rather than renting more office space, you can save more on getting a storage unit with a strategic location that is easy for your employees to access.

Other than your business inventory, you also have space to store all your paperwork for the taxman. Instead of adding more clutter to your home with tax documents, keep them safe and sound inside a storage unit.

  1. Storage during home restoration or redecoration

Every construction project will involve lots of dust and clutter, and put your household items at risk of damage. If you’re reconstructing a leaky roof or carving out walls, the last thing you would want on your furniture and appliances is an additional layer of dust. When home improvement is underway, a storage unit will be your safe temporary shelter for your valuable items.

Once the construction project is complete, you can either take the opportunity to re-plan your interiors or restore your items to their original positions.

  1. Storage when moving to a new home

In a complicated property market, moving to a new home isn’t always a straightforward process that you can do in a day. You may experience delays and, without a second option, you could suffer and get unnecessarily stressed if your belongings are ready to go but your new place still isn’t available.

A storage unit provides a way for you to hold your items until everything is completely ready for your move into your new home.

Whenever you run out of space, use a storage unit.

If you’re looking to decongest your existing living space or need a sensible option to keep your belongings, a wide range of storage units are available for your storage needs. Depending on your chosen storage facility, you can store anything within reason. You may also want to consider getting a cleaning service for more efficient home decluttering.


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