The Pros and Cons of Outdoor Dog Kennels

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An outdoor dog kennel can act as a shelter for your dog that is enclosed. However, there are some pros and cons when considering whether or not to build a dog kennel.

Pros of an Outdoor Dog Kennel

One advantage is that this is a sturdy and permanent structure. This means that there is always a safe place for the dog to be. A dog kennel is a great way for a dog to spend some time outdoors in a secure area with a shelter. It provides a safe place for the dog to get in some outdoor exercise and burn off energy, so he or she isn’t destructive in the home. Outdoor dog kennels provide a safe place for your pet when they might otherwise be left unsupervised in the yard. If you are going to be keeping your pet outside, then you would need to have a nice fenced in yard, and an outdoor dog kennel can be a cheaper alternative to having to get fencing to secure the backyard. Kennels can be safer for when the pet is spooked as well. During fireworks or other loud noises, your pet may be able to jump over the fence, but a properly constructed kennel will allow your pet to remain safe.

Cons of an Outdoor Dog Kennel

Since the structure is permanently outside, it can be a disadvantage if you plan to move. Dog kennels built outside are not easily dismantled and moved to a new home. These kennels do require some construction. Many outdoor dog kennels will have a concrete floor and chain link fence with posts in concrete. Dog owners will need to pay someone to build these kennels if they don’t have the skills to do so. owners can rely too much on a kennel. While a kennel has its advantages, some dog owners may use it in a way that does more harm than good. When you keep a dog penned up in a kennel, it can be detrimental to the physical and social health. Dogs still need socialization and interaction with the family. Dog kennels should still be used in moderation. When building a dog kennel, it’s important to remember that it needs to be built big enough for the dog. If a dog kennel is too small, then the dog won’t have enough room to exercise and it will negate a lot of positives about the kennel. For kennels that are too small, a dog could dig under the fence or escape in gaps under the fence if the fence isn’t properly secure. Medium and large size dogs can escape over a fence if the fence isn’t tall enough. Be sure to secure the door and, if you are using rope or string, be mindful that the rope or string could stretch over time and allow your pet to nudge the door open. If the kennel isn’t properly cleaned, it can lead to physical problems and disease. Kennels should be regularly cleaned.

One of the easiest ways to build outdoor dog kennels is by using a pre-made kit. Remember to take your dog’s size into consideration when choosing the right one so they don’t escape.