The True sense of Marriage and How to Deal with it

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Infidelity, known as cheating in layman terms, refers to a situation when a person is not faithful to his marriage vows or contract. It can occur both in physical as well as emotional manner.

What is a marriage?

Relationships especially marriage is built on a sense of trust and faith between the partners. To love someone is to believe in that someone special with whom you can share your life and confide in. You expect to get that love and trust back, but when they go behind your back with someone else, it makes you wonder how they can truly love you.

How do you forgive one who cheated on you?

It is not an easy thing for anybody to find out about his or her partner’s infidelity and go through the tremendous pain. Sometimes people lose all the hope and confidence in a relationship. Trying to love the same person after going through the sting of infidelity is although extremely difficult, but possible. You are hurt beyond belief, angry, and heartbroken and above all feel betrayed.

How do you settle down your marriage?

After all this settles down, you need to put your marriage back together. It takes a lot of dedication and time on your behalf as well as your partner’s. To recover your relationship, you need to show that you are still committed and faithful. Explicit your feelings and show to your partner that he or she is forgiven by talking more, showing simple acts of intimacy and letting them know what they mean to you. Try to surprise your partner by giving him or her something not necessarily expensive rather simple gestures of love and care. The victim or the cheated spouse may do this both.

Yes, we know you are hurt and are going through unimaginable series of emotion from pain, anger, frustration to cheated but don’t drag this infidelity topic way beyond the limit. Try to get in touch with someone who has both experiences as well as training in mending the relationships, such as marriage counsellor for relationship therapy. Considering the opinion of your closed ones would not prove to be very helpful since it can be biased to a great extent. Loving back after infidelity needs hard work and the success of rebuilding a relation lies on the effort and dedication of both the partners. Both the partners should be prepared to accept the other person back into his or her life.