5 Ideas for Your Building Facade Landscape

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When you invite clients to your office, the first thing they will see is the facade of your office or your company building.

Imagine establishing a business selling printers in Salt Lake City, Utah. A well-maintained lawn is one way to get more clients through the door while softening the cold look of a structure made of glass, concrete and steel.

Here are a few ideas to enhance the look of your commercial landscape:

1. Include hardscapes and decorative features

Plain white walls can make any space or structure appear rigid and sterile. Improve its appearance by adding sculptural pieces such as statues or water features. Pick pieces that complement the look of the building and reflect your company’s image.

Another option is to opt for hardscapes. Add retaining walls and pathways made from natural stone, brick or cobblestones to give the place a warmer feel. Hardscapes can be also be used to create spaces around the entrance where your clients and staff can hang out and relax.

Combine these elements to make your business premises look more inviting and encourage people to linger. You may even integrate the logo of your business, your company slogan or use the colors in conceptualizing the design.

2. Use a variety of plants

Much like a home garden, you can get creative when it comes to the selection of plants. Play with plants of different sizes, forms and colors.

When choosing foliage for the facade of your business, consider the amount of space that you have available and the existing design, or your future plans for the place.

For instance, if your space is rather limited, you may need to think twice about planting massive oak trees. If you are planning to line pathways with plants, choose varieties that won’t obscure the pathway or make walking difficult.

Consider the weather and the seasons of the city or state where your office or commercial building is located. The environmental conditions will affect the growth of plants, the amount of maintenance required for your landscape and determine which flowers will bloom during specific months.

Taking our previous location example into consideration, there are plenty of landscaping companies in Salt Lake City, Utah that can help you pick the right greenery for your space. Get a professional landscaping company to help you design the grounds of your commercial business.

3. Add outdoor furniture

A simple bench or two can do wonders for your commercial landscaping. They can make your spot seem more welcoming and comfortable. Just by placing a few seats, you are inviting people to stay longer.

Think of your commercial landscaping as an extension of your office lobby. Guests can sit down and relax while surrounded with lush greenery.

Choose benches in designs that coincide with the look of your landscaping. There are benches made out of heavy wood, stone, plastic and metal.

Take note of the amount of cleaning and maintenance needed for the furniture pieces you choose to use. For instance, marble benches are easy to clean and don’t rust. However, they tend to be heavy and look too formal.

4. Insert lighting fixtures

Whether your office is open throughout the day or only for a few hours, having lighting fixtures installed can provide a number of benefits.

For one, illuminating your outdoor space during the evening enhances security. By reducing the amount of dark spaces, you can prevent shady people from lurking around during the evenings.

Another benefit is emphasis. The type of lights you use and where you place them can accentuate specific areas. Use spotlights to highlight parts of your building, and LED path lights for lighting up walkways.

5. Don’t forget the parking lot

Parking lots are part of the landscape of your commercial lot.

Large expanses of concrete are not pleasing to the eye. The ability of concrete to reflect heat can make the area several degrees warmer, too.

Add patches of greenery in and around the parking lot. Not only will this help break up the monotonous stretch of concrete, the trees and shrubbery can also help cool the temperature around the parking lot.

Furthermore, adding foliage creates the impression that you are considerate of the environment and people, and are not simply after a utilitarian office building.

Rethink your commercial landscaping today and see more people come through your office doors.