Vaping is considered better than smoking – Do you know the reasons?

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Are you a smoker? If answered yes, you might be asking yourself whether or not vaping is worse or better than smoking. Experts will tell you that vaping might not be 100% safe but it is considerably much less harmful as compared to smoking tobacco cigarettes. But have you wondered about the long-term impacts of exposing yourself to vaping? Before you choose to vape through vape pens, it is important that you go through the reviews of clients that you find at It is important for everyone to read the reviews so that they can know the pros and cons of a product before using them.

Vaping vs. smoking – What’s the main difference?

The ultimate difference between vaping and smoking comes the way in which nicotine is delivered. The burning part of the cigarette reaches a temperature of 1652F or 900 C which in turn creates the smoke of the tobacco cigarette. This is called combustion process and this generates all the carcinogens. Hence, smoking cigarettes is rather dangerous.

On the contrary, vaping doesn’t burn any kind of chemicals; rather it heats the ingredients and turns it into aerosol or vapor which drastically reduces the release of toxic chemicals. To put it simply, vaping can never be worse than smoking. With the extreme fear that you hear in the news, it’s tough to know what is true and what is not. The headlines can be rather misleading and they can exaggerate the dangers of vaping.

E-liquids – What do they comprise of?

The electronic juices which are usually referred to as e-liquid usually contain 4 main ingredients like:

  • PG or Propylene Glycol: This is an ingredient which is usually found in medicinal foods, products and cosmetics.
  • VG or Vegetable Glycerin: Vegetable Glycerin is an ingredient which is used commonly in the cosmetic products, baked goods and even in eye drops.

Are you eager to know how VG and PG sets an impact on your vaping experience? Here are the ways in which these liquids can affect vaping:

  • Nicotine: There are many who compare nicotine with caffeine for the high risk of addiction, properties like a stimulant and they’re also lethally toxic if taken in high concentrations. You have to note that all e-juice contains nicotine since you can order 0 mg nicotine.
  • Flavoring concentrates: Artificial flavors and natural extracts are also commonly utilized in all food products.

Therefore, when you’re juggling between vaping and smoking, you should remember the above listed points in vaping.