Top Asian Delicacies You Need to Try!

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Your experience with Asian culture would not be complete if you have not tried the best Asian delicacies available at stalls, malls and even online! If you want to explore Asian food, you would not want to miss the following delicacies! 

The Best Taste of Treats

  1.   Roti Prata

This originally came from India but usually available in the restaurants of Singapore! It is a pan-fried flatbread served with curry sides and beer.

  1.   Beef Rendang

Indonesia is popular with its beef rending stewed in coconut milk with a spice paste mix of turmeric, ginger, and fiery chilies.

  1. Pork belly Korean BBQ

South Korea originally offered this food and it became popular throughout the continent because it is simply delicious.

  1. Butter Egg Rolls

These are appetizers usually served in American Chinese restaurants but believe in or not, this is already available online! The Peninsula Boutique offers different packed Asian delicacies such as palmiers, almond puffs, beard candies, and others.

  1.   Heritage Collection of Chocolates, Cakes, and Pastries

The Peninsula Boutique is also known for the different chocolates and cookies they sell online. If you want to experience the different unique taste of their delicacies, you can always buy cookies online in hong kong. You may visit their website for more options. Click the link

Exotic Food Makes Your Experience a Lot More Fun!

  1. Bee Larvae

This exotic delicacy is most popular in China and Japan and can be bought even on the sidewalks and restaurants. Usually, it is seasoned with salt and pepper but sometimes it is soaked in soy sauce or caramelized. It just feels like eating potato chips!

  1. Horseshoe Crabs

At first, you will not understand its taste because it does not acquire the flavor of a typical caviar or fish eggs! But on your second try, you will enjoy its texture! This exotic food is available in Taiwan. Just a warning, you will be surprised by how it smells than how it tastes!

  1.   Tuna Eye

It may not look so appetizing but it is the most delicious among the list of exotic foods introduced. This food is usually served in Japanese restaurants seasoned with salt, ginger, and lemon. Most cooks would mix it in other dishes such as vegetable soup and noodles. 

  1. Kopi Luwak

This is coffee! Most people would not even touch it because it comes out directly from Palm civet, an animal fed by fresh coffee berries. These civets cannot digest the beans they eat so they come out as naturally as they came in. This delicacy is available in the Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam. 

  1.   Balut

The Philippines is known for the balut experience it offers. A balut is a fertilized duck or chicken egg with a nearly-developed embryo available in the streets. The vendor usually sells balut together with chicharon but most restaurants sell this as well. Some say that balut is best if paired with a cold beer.