Urinary Tract Infection – All You Need To Know

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Bacteria are responsible for the urinary tract infection. These microbes are too small that they can’t be seen with naked eyes. It is rarely found that urinary tract infection caused by virus or fungi. This is the common problem that is found in humans and UTI can be happening anywhere in the urinary tract. But it’s that kind of s disease that is incurable. But ignoring it can cause other fatal health issues. Proper care of the urinary tract helps in avoiding the chances of this infection.

Mostly UTI involves urethra and bladder in the lower tract and in the upper tract it involves ureters and kidney. The upper tract infection is quite serious and should not be ignored at any cost. Medicines help in curing this infection after consulting with the doctor and proper course can help you to get rid of UTI. These medicines you can get from your local stores or online stores like Canada drugs online store where you can get medicines at your doorstep.

But how can one know about urinary tract infection? There are various symptoms that make clear all your confusion. Lower tract symptoms can be:

  • Cloudy urine
  • Bloody urine
  • Pelvic pain in women
  • Rectal pain in men
  • Urine can look like cola or tea
  • Burning sensation with urination
  • Increased frequency of urination

Some of the upper tract symptoms are:

  • Fever
  • Chill
  • Vomiting
  • Pain in upper back and side
  • Nausea

UTI caused by bacteria can be treated by having antibiotics. Treatment of the urinary tract infection depends on the cause of it and the diagnosis can result in the cause. Test results ensure the treatment like if UTI caused by a virus then it can be treated by antivirals. These medicines are easily available in the market and online stores as well. The form of antibiotics are given according to the part of the urinary tract effected like lower tract infection can be treated by giving oral antibiotics and intravenous antibiotics are given in upper tract infection.

When the UTI is in the initial stage then it can be treated at home. There are various home remedies that can treat this infection. Cranberry juice is recommended in UTI as it contains a chemical that prevents certain bacteria. Having it daily can reduce the chances of future UTI. When the UTI is untreated then various other fatal symptoms arise that can be more difficult to treat.

When the infection reaches the upper track and people ignore it then there are chances of being spreading it into the blood causing sepsis. This can be a life-threatening event from where it becomes difficult to come out. Whenever you suspect that you are having UTI then consult your doctor and let it be treated in its initial stage. Simple tests are there to confirm the UTI like urine or blood test in time can reduce the chances of fatal symptoms to arise.