What are the Benefits of Social Security Disability?

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The federal benefits of SSDI or social security disability normally include medical care and a monthly amount of cash payment. If you are below the age of sixty-five and are disabled because of an accident or injury, you should know that you are entitled to the benefits of SSDI which are meant for helping you financially until you regain your abilities to join your work or restore your health condition when you can earn your livelihood. The SSDI can also be provided to give you financial assistance in the cases when you are not in a position to work and earn your livelihood for the entire period of your life. However, if you work with a professional family law attorney such as Perry Bundy Plyler& Long LLP, can only assist you and determine what type of financial assistance you can achieve as part of your SSDI.

Eventually, you may be entitled to the workers’ compensation as well as personal injury claims, but in addition to these, you are also entitled to SSDI to assist you for paying your bills, go to a doctor, pay for the prescription and meet the expenditure of your family. Social security refers to your disability in relation to the medical condition expected to continue for at least a year or due to death. However, social security does not give benefits to persons with a short-term or partial disability under the SSDI program.

Your application for social security disability benefits may take three to five months’ time to complete the process of decision and response by the authority. However, since not all the applications are accepted for SSDI you may not get a positive response after the five months’ decision-making process. If you get a negative response, you can still apply once again and when you re-apply for the SSDI there are possibilities that your application may be taken into considerations.