Broken Bones and Fractures in Car Crashes 

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If you shattered a bone in an automobile accident caused by the carelessness of another motorist, you can claim compensation. Although compensation will not repair a broken arm or leg, it will help you pay for the medical care you require to recuperate. 

Allow a car accident lawyer Auburn, IN to assist you in filing a claim. A skilled attorney is always prepared to negotiate a satisfactory settlement with the insurance company. If the insurance company refuses to comply, your attorney will be prepared to file a lawsuit on your behalf. 

What are the most common forms of bone fractures following a car accident?

Even a slight accident between two or more automobiles at any speed can result in bodily injuries. The power of impact in some incidents might result in shattered bones. The following are some examples of frequent forms of fracture injuries produced by a crash:

  • Arm fractures 

These fractures can develop when a car occupant braces his or her arms for impact. For instance, when a motorist braces his or her arms on the steering wheel in preparation for a frontal collision.

  • Leg fractures 

If the force of a collision crushes the front of a car, the space between the dashboard and a person’s seat is narrowed, and occupants suffer fractures to their lower or upper legs.

  • Collarbone fractures 

Because seatbelt runs right over this portion of the body, they are among the most common fractures in many car accidents. A seatbelt tightening and the collision force might result in substantial strain on the collarbone and fracture.

  • Rib fractures 

As with collarbones, the seatbelt passes directly over sections of a person’s ribs, making a fracture quite likely in a collision. These fractures can also occur in T-bone crashes, which occur when the sides of a car collide, and the person’s ribs are exposed to the impact.

  • Skull fractures 

Fractures to the head or face are also frequent due to airbags or how a car is affected since a person’s head or face may collide with a window, steering wheel, or even the vehicle’s dashboard.

If a person is thrown from a car or falls to the ground after being thrown from a motorbike, he or she may break many bones. When someone has a fractured bone, there are also varied levels of severity. A clean break, for example, occurs when the fracture does not result in any misalignment of the broken fragments of bone.