What Are The Several Kinds Of Boltless Racking Systems?

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Several Kinds Of Boltless Racking Systems

Boltless racking systems have several kinds that provide convenience to many businesses. The reason is that all businesses have different needs; that’s why these systems come in several forms. In addition, they are versatile and effective storage solutions that are commonly utilized in various types of industries and warehouses.

These unique systems have various advantages, including ease of installation, adaptability, and efficient space utilization. There are various types of boltless racking system Malaysia, each comes with its own set of features and benefits.

Rivet Shelving

One of the most common kinds of boltless racking systems is rivet shelving, often known as rivet racks or boltless shelving. In addition, beams are set in the horizontal form and uprights in the vertical form are joined with clips to make perfect rivet shelving.

Rivet shelving is well-known for its ease of assembly as there is no need for any nuts, bolts, or tools. This sort of racking system is often used in warehouses, archives, and retail settings to store medium to heavy-duty objects.

Long span Shelving

Long-span shelving sometimes referred to as wide-span shelving and is made to contain heavy and larger objects that might not fit on straight boltless shelving.

Heavy-duty steel frames and beams are often used, providing enhanced load-bearing capacity. When storing large or oddly shaped objects is necessary, long-span shelving is frequently utilized in warehouses, manufacturing plants, and retail locations.

Cantilever Racking

Cantilever racking is made especially for the storage of long, heavy objects like:

  • steel bars
  • pipes
  • Lumber

It has horizontal arms that stretch outward from vertical columns, allowing free access to the goods being stored. When long and heavy goods need to be kept effectively, cantilever racking is frequently used in manufacturing facilities, hardware stores, and construction sites.

Wire Decking

Wire decking uses wire mesh panels in place of solid shelves. It is useful for storing objects that need ventilation or to comply with fire safety regulations since the wire mesh design improves visibility, airflow, and sprinkler penetration. Industries including food storage, medicines, and electronics frequently use wire decking.

Mezzanine Racking

The design idea of mezzanine floors is combined with the advantages of boltless racking systems in mezzanine racking. Installing a raised platform supported by boltless racking frames and beams is required.

Additional storage space can be added using mezzanine racking without requiring structural changes. In addition, Heavy Duty Rack Malaysia is also frequently used to build additional levels for offices, storage, or production areas.

Bin Racks

Bin racks are made to organize and store small tools, parts, and components. They are made up of several easily accessible bins or compartments that can be labeled for effective inventory control. Bin racks are frequently used in various places, like:

  • Garages
  • retail establishments
  • workshops

Pallet Racking

Pallet racking is a flexible boltless racking system made specifically for the storage of palletized products. It is made up of wire mesh or wooden pallet supports, horizontal beams, and vertical frames. Pallet racking enables an effective solution for handling equipment-assisted storage and retrieval of products.