What is the Use of App Store Optimization?

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The app store optimization is nothing but a technique to optimize your mobile application on the app store to get higher ranking. If your mobile application is visible on the app store, then definitely your application will be visited or checked by people that are attempting to download a mobile app either related to your services or other.  The visibility is the base and foundation for the mobile applications to be downloaded by many people. If your application grabs the good position on the app store, then it means that your application remains effective to many mobile users.

If it is the first time you are hiring the app store optimization services, then you may not know how app store optimization is done and what the app store company does for it. You have to just read through the following points to know the mobile app marketing in detail.

  • The app store marketing service would first focus on your application’s title. The title of your mobile application should keep the users informed about your company or its services or products. The title of the mobile application should make some sense to what the mobile application is designed for and whom it is for.

The app store marketing company knows how to frame a title for the application. The title of the application should include 255 characters including space. You should never ask your app store company to include any keywords on your application’s title. At times, the vague application name will never attract the customers.

  • Once after fixing the title of your application, the next thing the app store optimization services will focus on is to describe your mobile application. Your mobile application should get hold of a crisp and clear description. Your app description should explain what your application is designed for and why audiences have to download it for. In simple terms, the description of your mobile application should tempt your visitors to download your application.
  • The mobile app marketing company will then consider adding keywords on your application. The company will conduct a search to pick the best keywords that can boost your application downloads. The keyword searching is an all-day work. Yes, the trending keywords will be changing every now and then, so care should be taken when stuffing the keywords on the application.
  • The important part of the app store marketing is that, you need to know what your clients are saying about your application. The company will conduct audit and rating to analyze what your customers are saying about your app. If it is needed to be, the app store company will do the on-page optimization to increase your application’s ranking.


  • Choosing the right category to place your mobile application matters a lot to increase the download rates of the application. If your application is related to shopping, then it should be placed in a shopping category. Both the primary and secondary category of your application has to be determined accurately.