What You Need to Know about Selecting the Right Self Storage Unit

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You will find that there are various kinds of self-storage centres in Australia from newer cutting edge complexes to older “drive-on” facilities. So how can you tell which self-storage facility is the very best one to serve your storage needs?

If you are in the market for self-storage units, it pays to look into a couple of things before signing the lease.

How to Choose the Self Storage Unit to Fit Your Requirements

Location of the storage facility

How close (or far) are you from storage centre? Some people need frequent access to the facility as is often the case if you are using the storage unit for work or business. If you see yourself depositing and retrieving items from the storage unit consistently, then it is vital that you choose a storage unit that is located close to where you live.

What are the things that you are looking to store?

The stuff that you need to store plays a crucial role in determining your type of storage. If you are storing antiques, antiques, electronic devices, paper files or some furniture, it would be much better to rent a climate-controlled storage unit.

If you are storing vehicles, boats or RV’s, the storage centre should have the ability to fit these products correctly whether you rent container storages for the short or long term.

Select the right sized storage unit for your needs

Picking the right size for your storage unit is also just as vital.  For example, you might be running a small business selling beauty and skin care products and need the space for your inventory. If so, then you don’t necessarily need a big storage unit.

In most cases, it is more efficient to rent several small storage units than to choose a big one and waste the excess space. If you are trying to find storage for large furnishings or appliances, then you will require a larger storage unit.

What security measures are in place?

Without a doubt, you would want to get rental storage units from a facility that is capable of safeguarding your possessions. Hence it pays to look for storage centres that are well lit and gated.

Is the facility located in an upstanding neighbourhood? Does the facility look tidy and well kept?  Is there a supervisor who continuously oversees facility? Also, check the facility for video security and digital recordings. These features offer added protection for your storage systems above and beyond keypad access and durable locks for the units.

What are the access hours to your storage unit?

Some facilities provide around the clock access to your storage unit. Other facilities offer access to for the majority of the day or just during office hours. Look for the storage facility that will match your availability.

What are your rental terms?

Do you need a long term rental or month-to-month rentals? Consult the storage facility to see what they provide. Also, check your contract for terms for overdue payments and other pertinent information.

So there you have it — a few important things to keep in mind when choosing a rental storage service provider. Keeping these factors in mind will go a long way in making sure that you end up with a storage unit that suits your requirements and finances.