When Should You See an Optometrist?

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Regular visits to an optometrist are one of the ways to keep your vision at its best. If you have good vision without any issues with your eyesight over a long time, you still need to see an optometrist ensure that everything is fine. You do not have to wait till you could hardly see before you visit your optometrists. As a result, here are signs that you need to see an optometrist.

  1. Constant Headache

If you experience frequent headaches almost all the time, do not hesitate to see an optometrist. Many issues may be responsible for frequent headaches; an eye examination will help to discover what is wrong. The headache might be as a result of stress, exposure to excessive lighting, or other health issues. Unknown to you, the headaches may be the effects of astigmatism, long-sightedness, or imminent glaucoma. Do not wait until it is too late. You should see an optometrist today.

  1. Bright Flashes and Floaters

Even if you do not have any issues with your vision, if you start seeing bright flashes or floaters, then you should see an optometrist. Most people have floaters but when yours become excessive and disturbing, it is an emergency because it may be a sign of a detached retina, which can result in blindness.

  1. Eye Infections

It is common to contract eye infections, and when you do, see an optometrist immediately. When your eyes become red, or pink or you have sharp pain or discharge from the eye, you need to see an optometrist. Other signs of eye infections like blurred vision or sensitivity of light are a sign that you should see an optometrist for antibiotics drips or other types of treatment.

  1. Increasing Eye Pain

If you begin to have an increasing pain in your eye, you need an eye exam. See an optometrist as soon as possible. The pain may be caused by dry eyes, injury, a scratched cornea, or a condition like glaucoma. Do not wait too long for the pain to prolong before you see an optometrist.

  1. Squinting

If focusing on the computer or book requires that you squint, you should see your optometrist. Also, if you need to squint to read road signs while driving, get examined by an optometrist and get the right treatment.

Note that seeing an optometrist as soon as you notice strange symptoms about your vision can help to reduce the damage your vision may have experienced if you waited longer. Your vision is a priority. See an optometrist anytime you have a complaint.