Why you should keep your relationship private

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In this Instagram age, privacy in relationships is almost a lost art, with social platforms acting as a diary documenting interactions between couples. In moderation, it is an intimate way of keeping your friends and family in the loop, but when abused, flooding your timeline with minute-by-minute logs of your relationship opens you up to more than you bargained for. Here’s why you should consider keeping your relationship private, or at least for the most part if you’re one to share every waking moment of your love life.

  1. It could affect your mindset

One of the risks of posting your life on social media is it opens you up to scrutiny from others, an aspect that can potentially dent your self-esteem and perhaps make you question your values. It’ll seep into your relationship and create conflict about the smallest thing. Words will be said and phones tossed, leaving one party seeking services from Mobile Phone Repair Burlington service if you live in that area.

  1. Not everyone cares

You’ll learn that not everyone will be happy for your, or even care for your posts. If you’re looking for approval, low likes may bring about a sense of diminished worth. Negative comments may crop up and perhaps lead to confrontation. That will only give haters more to talk about.

  1. makes breaking up harder

Now that your business is out in the streets, in the event of a breakup, people will be in your business wanting to find out what happened. That makes the breaking up process harder. Whether or not you move on to another relationship, opinions only remind you of your ex.

  1. It allows your ex to keep tabs

In the case of a nasty breakup, your love life may act as ammunition for your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend. It will leave you vulnerable to attacks or even their attempts to get back with you if they sense that you and your partner are not in a good place.

  1. It adds pressure to your relationship

Social media allows us to paint our lives in near perfect light. When people start using hashtags with the words relationship goals, it can put you in a space where you feel pressured to attain perfection in your relationship, an impossible thing to achieve. That strain will soon be felt, leaving your partner disgruntled.