You can watch this Rajender Prasad movie on aha

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Tollywood industries account for a significant portion of the Indian film space and continue to grow with every title it radiates. Tollywood is ruling over the hearts of the people. Since 1921, this industry from the southern part of India has enthralled the audience with a range of blockbuster films in nearly its century-long existence. The Tollywood business has given the country a number of its biggest hits. Tollywood offers a wide range of good movies that you can watch and review for free over Aha’s new streaming app. Aha provides a wide variety of Telugu movies watch online. The audience enjoys streaming movies online in the comfort of their own house. The adaptability of the choice of content, trailed by the cost of cinemas and the craving to re-watch older content.

Gaali Sampath is a comedy-oriented film directed by Anish Krishna. Rajender Prasad is a lead actor in this movie. The director very well balances comedy and emotions. Gaali Sampath(Rajender) has a speech disorder because of an accident. The story is set in a small and beautiful village named Araku, where Sampath lives with his son Soori (Shree Vishnu). Gaali Sampath is determined to become an actor. In a shocking turn of events, Gaali Sampath’s passion shattered his son’s dream of owning a truck and at the same time ruined his love life. It leads to the separation of the father and son duo after Gaali Sampath faces the biggest challenge in his life. You need to watch the full movie to know how they reunited in the end.

Rajender Prasad takes up a challenging role and delivers one of his excellent performances in recent times. Sree Vishnu also delivers a mature performance, and his equation with Rajender Prasad is the highlight of this film. The film is a new thought and good experimental film. This movie sends a big message that children should always respect their parents and learn the sacrifices they made for them.

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