Where to Find Inspiration for New Music 

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The music industry is highly competitive. You have to be prepared to write songs of your own if you are to stand out and start making a name for yourself. But it is not always easy to find inspiration to write a new song. The best approach is to write original and unique content about things that interest you, fascinate you, or things that you are passionate about.
Use the following tips to assist you to find inspiration for your next album or song:

1. Set a New Personal Goal

A person that is not working hard to achieve anything new will rarely feel motivated or inspired to keep going. If you consider yourself a hobbyist, try to come up with a new personal goal.
Any goal you set for yourself should challenge you, but it should also be something that you can easily achieve. Try and find something that will excite you.
While at it, try and set long term music production goals. Any goal you come up with will need to be highly ambitious. You have to choose something that will motivate you to get out of bed each morning.
After all, how do you intend to spend your time when you are not recording new music?

2. Rely on Visual Cues

In the course of writing past songs, you may have come to the realization that there exists an inseparable link between audio and visual.
It is the sole reason why many people consider broad way dramas and blockbuster films to be immersive. Rather than engage a single sense in your body, they make sure that both senses are fully engaged.
Therefore, whenever you feel that you are not fully inspired, try using a visual cue. You could opt to visit a place with a fascinating view or to just pull an interesting one onto your screen.

3. Purchase or Download a Sample Pack or New Tool

In some cases, all you need to find inspiration is a new set of tools or new source material. Maybe you need a new piano or guitar, or if you are like many musicians, a fresh sample pack to surf through as you seek new ideas.
You can Buy Vocal Samples as a personal treat to help you get new ideas about how to approach the song writing process.

4. Try and Listen to Music from Other Artists

Listening to other people’s work of art can also act as a very good source of inspiration. Use it as a last resort for when you have tried everything else, but nothing seems to be working for you.
Start by creating a Spotify playlist containing a selection of twenty of your favourite music tracks. Once ready, head into your recording studio, shut your eyes, and let the music play.
Chances are that you will get some ideas from the music playing in the background. Alternatively, try and implement some of the methods used by successful musicians to get inspiration.
It never hurts to try and implement some of the ideas that have already been tried, tested, and proven to work by industry pioneers.

5. Clean Your Working Area

Working in a clean environment will help speed up the song writing process. You do not have to be a clean freak to engage in this particular task.
But the truth of the matter is that you will always experience a great feeling working in a clean environment compared to recording in a messy and untidy studio.


You need to get out of your normal mental habits for you to get some much-needed insight. The five tips discussed above will hopefully assist you to make a breakthrough in your journey to recording new songs.