10 Necklace Designs That Every Woman Must Have In Her Collection

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Necklaces are an indispensable part of a woman’s jewelry collection. Whatever outfits that you may wear, this is one accessory that can add a special touch to the overall look. You can never go wrong with the right kind of necklace. So it is important that you add a good variety to your jewelry kit so that you can mix and match to create different looks for different occasions. Here are 10 necklace designs that every fashionista should have in her collection:

  1. Chokers

The choker design fits closely around your neck and looks amazing with off-shoulder outfits. They are available in plenty of colors and styles and suit women with long necks. They highlight the neck and shoulders and give you that stunning look for evening parties and dance nights. Buy chokers made of pearls, silver and floral lace to add flavor to your looks.

  1. Crewneck/Collar Necklaces

Next on the list of necklace designs that every woman must own is the crewneck, which is also known as collar necklace. As the name implies, this one is best to accentuate your sleek collarbones and add the oomph appeal as you step out. It complements well with round neck and boat neck designs.

  1. Layered Necklaces

A layered necklace works well with almost every dress and every body type. You can opt for minimalist ones with just two or three layers or have heavily layered ones depending on what you wear. You can lift a classic white shirt or a solid dress by just wearing a sassy multi layered piece and step out like a chic fashionista!

  1. Pearl Necklaces

The pearl necklace is one piece that you absolutely cannot do without. A classic strand of pearls can give your ensemble a royal appeal. The best part is that this stylish piece can be worn on any occasion, with any outfit and still do wonders for you. A simple pearl pendant and a long necklace of pearls look as glamorous as the classic string. Just make sure that you handle pearls with care and they will last for years.

  1. Long Necklaces

You can add sophistication to a simple dress by teaming it up with a delicate long necklace. Long neck pieces come in a great variety as there are options like multi strands, pom poms and charm necklaces. The latest trend is that of colored tassel necklaces which instantly add a new dimension to any outfit. You can make your collection versatile by looking for some colored tassel pieces.

  1. Statement Necklaces

Every woman loves statement pieces as they literally make a style statement for them. So statement necklaces are absolutely essential for their party collection. Whether you are planning a day out with friends or going for a night out with your date, this is one piece that will do full justice to any look.

  1. Classic Pendant

And how can you forget the classic pendant, which is a woman’s best friend and serves as a great choice when she is confused about the accessories to wear for a particular occasion. You can wear it to work for that simple sophistication or pair it with your off-shoulder gown for that glamorous evening party look. Pick a few colors in big and small sizes and have your collection ready for any occasion.

  1. Princess Necklaces

A princess necklace is a jewelry piece that lives up to its name. It is one of those dressy jewelry pieces that you would rather reserve for special evenings. It is similar to collar necklaces but slightly longer in length. Pick a chunky one in silver or opt for one that is studded with colored stones. Better still, buy both the types so that you look like a chic diva when you step out for that special date night with your beau!

  1. Tribal Necklaces

If Boho Chic is your style, then your collection is not complete without a tribal neckpiece. They are made of metals and beads that are strung together with colored threads. Wear them for casual occasions as they would look too loud if worn at work. But these pieces can be a pleasure to own!

  1. Studded Necklaces

Another style that every woman would love to own is the studded necklaces. You can get great variety in this style as there are plenty of studs and stones to choose from. Just buy a few colors and you are ready to mix and match for different ensembles.

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