Fascinating Facts About Lake Toba, The Largest Lake in SouthEast Asia

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Lake Toba, as one of Indonesia’s best tourist destinations, has fascinating facts that may be able to blow your mind. According to some scientists, Lake Toba as the largest lake in Southeast Asia was formed due to the terrific eruption of Mount Toba that occurred 74,000 years ago. It has a length of about 100 kilometres and 30 kilometres wide. Surprisingly, NASA said that the explosion destroyed about 60% of living things on Earth.

Here are the following facts about Lake Toba

  1. Mount Toba has erupted three times

The first eruption happened about 800,000 years ago. This eruption created the caldera of the southern side of the mountain, covering Prapat and Porsea regions, North Sumatra. Subsequently, the second eruption had happened 500.000 years ago. This eruption created the caldera on the north of this lake. At this time, you can observe this caldera in the region involving Silalahi and Haranggaol.

The next eruption occurred 74,000 years ago that produced the caldera. It turned Mount Toba to Lake Toba which is currently known as Samosir Island.

  1. The supervolcano is still active

Mount Toba as a superb volcano encircles the lake, and Samosir Island is still active. However, it can’t be predicted as it will erupt.

  1. The location of Mount Toba (now Lake Toba) is stated as a dangerous, prone area

This is related to Indonesia’s place, which lies in the meeting of three different plates, Namely Eurasia, Indo-Australia and the Pacific Plate.

  1. The eruption of Mount Toba caused extreme temperature

A researcher in New York University conducted research to find out the climate throughout the past. He found that an item called foraminifera on the seafloor led to the intense Earth’s temperature. Surprisingly, it was brought on by the eruption of Mount Toba.

  1. The eruption of Mount Toba caused mass death and extinction species

According to some DNA evidence, this eruption additionally shrank 60% of the human population on Earth at that moment.

  1. The explosion of Mount Toba had a significant impact on worldwide

It has been discovered the molecular volcanic ash at 2100 points on the planet. The dust of Mount Toba eruption has been distributed up to the North Pole.

  1. Lake Toba is the habitat for ‘Batak Fish’ (Neolissochillus thienemanni)

This typical fish in Batak has high cultural and historical value.

  1. Lake Toba was popular among foreign tourists

Early 1990’s, Lake Toba was popular among foreign tourists. Mostly they were from the Netherlands, Malaysia, Singapore, Germany, Japan, South Korea, and even some from America.

  1. Lake Toba takes the first position on Twitter as the most beautiful and fascinating lake in the world

Lake Toba is a favourite destination for both local and foreign tourists in North Sumatera.

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