Six Instagramable Beaches In Bali

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Bali, it appears that you will take off the holidays with its white sand, blue sea, and sea wind in case you hear this name. Who does not feel comfortable travel to the island of the Gods? Bali is holding on to its beach tourism. However, many natural-looking beauties are ranging from mountains, waterfalls, to tourism in Trunyan. But to Bali, it isn’t complete if you do not enjoy the beaches. And as an international tourist destination, virtually all beaches in Bali are exposed. However, there are a few beaches in Bali who aren’t too crowded and known, but they’re beautiful. Come and check out the list below.

Nyang Nyang Beach

Nyang-Nyang Beach is close to the Uluwatu temple. So the hustle and bustle of the crowd have not tarnished its beauty. This shore still has a calm vibe. For this beach, visitors have to pass a ladder that is long enough from a hill. But don’t be afraid of being tired. Even though it is tiring, the tiredness will be paid off as the sand with the waves of the Mediterranean Sea and green hills are quite gratifying to your eye. If visitors like surfing, the waves of this beach are fantastic for surfing.

The coastline makes us feel at home even though we walk on the beach the serene atmosphere and refreshing sea breeze, the beach is sure to recharge visitors’ soul.

Balangan Beach

One of those other exotic and never too crowded beaches in Bali is Balangan Beach. The seawater is exceptionally blue, feels like swimming in the skies. The sea and its shores are decorated with coral reefs, making the panorama look perfect.

Besides the attractiveness of the shores, Balangan is a location for world-class surfers. Waves support this. This beach is in the region of ​​Ungasan Village, Jimbaran Village, District of South Kuta, Bali, which is attained about 40 minutes out of Bandara Ngurah Rai.

Suluban Beach

Known as the Blue Point shore or Suluban beach, it presents a beach with breathtaking beauty. Suluban Beach is hidden behind a stone and also has a coastline. The Suluban term itself stems from the Balinese language, which is currently embroidering, which suggests death or walking under something. And to reach this beach, the visitors must pass through the cracks between the massive coral stones and the stairs. There are even some coral rocks forming a cave, and it had been the entry to the beach. Like paradise, crystal clear seawater and white sand become God’s ideal hand gift.

This beach is more appropriate for people who prefer to surf. It is not suitable for toddlers. The dilemma is that there are rocks, and sometimes the waves are large. Therefore it’s not kids that are friendly.

Bingin Beach

Situated in the Jimbaran hill area, Pecatu, Bingin Beach is among the beaches there. Bingin Beach is located right beneath the Temple mountain. To reach it, visitors can pass through some narrow alleys inhabited by villas, a couple of dozen steps flanked by small restaurants with views straight off the shore. The right moment to enjoy this beach is through the day or high tide because if the tide Boboers cannot be fulfilled to enjoy its beauty as the shore is covered with coral.

Green Bowl Beach

Green Bowl Beach has the beauty of coral reefs, big waves, and clean seawater, with a turquoise shade. Beach lips under the valley made Boboers seem like that beach from beneath the cave.

But to reach the Green Bowl shore, visitors must go down hundreds of steps, so it requires extra battle. But exhaustion will repay as soon as visitors have reached the shore area, which is still clean and quite natural with white sand.

Tegal Wangi Beach

This beach with white sand that is not overly broad is situated in Adat Jimbaran Village, District of South Kuta. Unlike other beaches in South Bali, Tegalwangi is not famous for its vast expanse of sour blue or sand. But this beach is renowned for its sunset beauty, plus a coral reef adds to the exoticism of this beach.

Before enjoying Tegalwangi Beach, Boboers could delight in the beauty of the beach from the top of the cliff. The visitors have to descend a small gap on the shell’s border to get to the beach.

Vacation is more than just the scenery. It’s about making long-lasting memories. Discover more adventures in Bali by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.