Flexibility in Business – How to Remain Adaptable as You Grow

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Technology has made modern business very convenient and efficient. Whether discussing the many technological tools or online platforms that allow professionals to engage with each other, technology has transformed the conventional office. Technology has also been at the core of transforming office solutions, namely through the virtual office.

The virtual office is a cost-effective way for businesses in Indonesia to attain office space. Through the virtual office lease, businesses can lease the use of conference rooms, meeting rooms and boardrooms, in addition to accessing IT services, amenities, and standard office equipment. The great quality about the virtual office is that this office format allows businesses to expand, whether they remain in the online format or move into physical reality.

Let’s take a closer look at the many ways in which the virtual office can transition your business.

Virtual Potential

The virtual office presents Indonesian businesses with flexibility in the everyday management of their company. For one, current technologies make it possible for businesses to adopt online management systems. These systems can provide programs that allow managers to track employee submissions, provide an interactive payroll system, and provides all of the necessary communication tools needed.

Furthermore, businesses can also use a variety of online apps like file sharing, Skype, and electronic signatures to transact business as well. File sharing applications aid in sending and receiving information, Skyping can keep you in contact with your employees through face-to-face interactions, and signatures that typically days to receive can be delivered the same day. The online landscape is limitless and can provide businesses with the opportunity to expand.


For professionals who are constantly on the move, the virtual office is the travelling businessman’s paradise. The virtual office provides businesses with the ability to move about the globe without missing the daily goings-on of the office. Furthermore, for those businesses who need to test new markets, the virtual office is ideal because it allows businesses to remain in locations for a long time without incurring costs associated with overhead.

If leasing with one of the larger corporations with international offices, you can reserve meeting and conference rooms with hardly any effort, depending on the terms of your lease. Whether reserving space for a meeting or holding interviews, your virtual office with a large company will allow you to hold your event in an appropriate meeting place. Essentially, by virtue of its mobility, you can present a professional image to the public while keeping costs low.


The virtual office also allows businesses to transition into other spaces outside the online landscape. If your businesses grow to the point where virtual reality conflicts with the physical one, many corporations make it possible for you to move into more permanent spaces. Co-working, the executive suite, and the serviced office are other office space solutions that can provide you with the same functionality as the virtual office but in reality.

The co-working space is a shared plan that works similarly to the virtual office, but it allows businesses to lease the use of hot desks and dedicated desks. Usually, these spaces focus on nurturing enterprise within a supportive community. The serviced office and executive suite formats lease furnished offices, which typically include standard office equipment, amenities and utilities. Finally, many virtual office leases are easily modified, so that businesses can be up and running in no time.

Transitioning Growth

The modern day professional in Indonesia can take their business to new heights with the virtual office. Because the internet has advanced technology to the point where work can be completed anywhere, professionals can realistically adopt this plan to fit their business’s needs. Whether working in the online format or transitioning to conventional office space, the virtual office can be your business’s jumping off point.