Virtual Assistant: What do you do and why it is so Important to your Business

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When a single-person business begins to grow, it is time to set more ambitious goals and make decisions not to sabotage this growth.

I know that you have invested a lot of time and effort in getting to where you are today. However, you may be beginning to look like the typical “entrepreneurial orchestra”. It is someone who works to “turn off fires” and try to reach everything without following a clear strategy.

And if you cover more and more tasks, there comes a time when you will have to recognize the reality: work overload does not allow you to move forward. Maybe that’s why the way to start delegating is usually preceded by so-called “bottlenecks”.

And in such a situation, the fastest and most economical solution to help you keep track of it is to hire a virtual assistant to free your time and keep moving forward with your business. In this post, I want you to know what my work consists of and how I help my clients to resume control of their time.

In summary, a virtual assistant (AV) can be defined as the professional who provides support services to other businesses remotely. For example, the Deputy which lets you manage staff remotely with a timesheet app.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hiring a Virtual Assistant

We are also known as an online secretary or online assistant, although, as you will imagine, the name is the least. The important thing is that, thanks to the development of new technologies, you now have tools at your fingertips to create work equipment without having to share the physical space. The main benefit is that you have more free hours to dedicate to what you want.

In this way, if you go on vacation or take a few days off, you have the peace of mind that your business will continue to work. Maybe for the first time, you can allow yourself to disconnect when you give yourself time for yourself and yours.

Yes, each person has different needs: some want to enjoy more free time, others need to dedicate these new hours available to serve more clients and others prefer to take action to carry out that long-standing postponement project. That’s why, when you create a work team, reduce your burden of stress and work more focused as shared responsibility is more bearable.

Additionally, creating processes where the division of work is applied means that each member of the team dedicates himself to his specialty, managing his responsibilities more securely and dedicating less time. 

As another highlight, improve the image of your business in front of your customers. To be honest, I will also tell you that there are drawbacks. Actually, it’s just an inconvenience but we could list as many excuses as we can invent.

This is the reason why, in the full age of information, there are more and more businesses that decide to hire a virtual assistant. That is why my clients count on me so that it is their right hand and thus they can focus on the tasks for which they are indispensable.

One of the most valued benefits is the speed with which you increase your own productivity. This occurs because by releasing your daily routine tasks, you focus on your goals and stop working in the short term. You focus on the results and you can set more ambitious goals.

What a virtual assistant does: What tasks are done to make you save time and money

The experience of having worked as a Management Assistant in companies of different sizes, has allowed me to develop qualities applicable to various areas. That’s why there is a great range of possibilities in terms of the functions that I can handle.

I am able to work in the daily management of your business and solve in an agile and efficient way administrative tasks that take away part of your time. You may have doubts about the steps that you can delegate to make your business take off once and for all. These are some of the services that most demand me:

Management of social networks

If you decide to delegate social networks to your virtual assistant, you will always have updated content that speaks of your brand to reach more customers, have a better relationship with them and generate greater confidence.

Preparation and monitoring of budgets

Clearly this is the pre-sale step. That’s why you also have to be properly managed to sell more your products or services.

There is no doubt that sending a budget and not following up on it is a bad commercial strategy. That is why it is essential to achieve your goals to be aware of each contact, from the first request for information to the closing of the sale.

Track delivery of your products or services

Of course, to have happy customers, you must give the best service. That is, above all, the most effective way to keep your customers and get new ones. Among my functions as a virtual assistant I also commission to be in contact with the transport agencies. This way, I make sure that the deliveries of your products have been made correctly.